Dear PCLDA Members,

For many years our organization has offered the Dale Lawrence scholarship to graduating Seniors of PCLDA members. These scholarships are named in honor of Dr. Dale Lawrence, former Superintendent of Instruction for HPISD and former principal of Hyer Elementary School.

These scholarships are only given to students who have successfully dealt with a diagnosed learning difference and to families who have been PCLDA members for the last 2 years.
We would love for all our graduating seniors to apply for one of these scholarships.

The deadline to apply for the 2018 Dale Lawrence Scholarship for HPISD students has passed. Please check back in February 2019 to apply on the HPISD Website. During that same time, students outside of HPISD can email and request an application.

Please encourage your senior to apply!!!
Please encourage other parents of sophomores and younger you know to join PCLDA, so they can apply when they are seniors!

Dale Lawrence Scholarship Essay:
In terms of your learning difference and its impact on your education, describe the challenges you have faced and how your hard work in high school has prepared you for college.

At the top of the essay, please list the diagnosed learning difference you have, when you were diagnosed, and by whom you were diagnosed.

Thank you!